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Vergogna / Phryne Before the Judges- base sold separate .

Price: $840

Height 47" tall
Weight 163 lbs
Estimated shipping weight 288 lbs

Vergogna is Italian for "shy, ashamed or timid". This beautiful statue is taken from the painting "Phryne Before the Judges" by Jean-Leon Gerome.

The story of Phryne is fascinating - she was a real person, a 4th century Greek courtesan who was accused of blasphemy for appearing as Aphrodite at a Greek festival. Blasphemy was punishable by death, and Hyperides, who was defending her at trial, knew he was losing his case. In a desperate last appeal, Hyperides pulled off Phryne's garment and asked the court how a body so beautiful could possibly blaspheme the name of Aphrodite. The judges agreed, and Phryne was acquitted.

Cast from Carrara marble in Borgo san Giacomo, Italy.

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