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Bather by Falconet

Price $1290

426 lbs-63" tall

Vergogna is Italian for "shy, ashamed or timid". This beautiful statue is taken from the painting "Phryne Before the Judges" by Jean-Leon Gerome. The story of Phryne is fascinating - she was a real person, a 4th century Greek courtesan who was accused of blasphemy for appearing as Aphrodite at a Greek festival. Blasphemy was punishable by death, and Hyperides, who was defending her at trial, knew he was losing his case. In a desperate last appeal, Hyperides pulled off Phryne's garment and asked the court how a body so beautiful could possibly blaspheme the name of Aphrodite. The judges agreed, and Phryne was acquitted.

Cast from Carrar marble  In Borgo San Giacomo , Italy !

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